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During your regular appointments, Dr. Golly may use NOMAD™ digital X-rays to more closely examine your teeth and supporting structures. This advanced and portable imaging system allows us to capture high-quality pictures of your teeth in just a few minutes, making your treatment quicker, more comfortable and more effective overall. We welcome you to call or text All About Smiles at 503-472-9435 to make your appointment with our dentist and learn more about NOMAD digital X-rays in McMinnville, Oregon.

Digital X-rays are a common sight in most dental offices. However, the NOMAD portable X-ray device is specially designed to provide patients with a unique experience. In addition to being easily maneuverable, this device reduces radiation exposure and speeds up your X-ray process. In fact, our dentist can take a complete set of X-rays in as little as five minutes when using the NOMAD imaging system while you remain comfortably seated!

NOMAD portable X-rays are compatible with both traditional X-ray film as well as digitalized display methods, making the process to view your dental X-rays much more streamlined. In just a few minutes, our dentist and team can capture the necessary images and upload them to our computer system. We can then examine them and share information about your oral structure and condition with you immediately, making your diagnosis process timely, informative and very effective.

For more information about NOMAD digital X-rays and to set up a consultation with our dentist, call or text our office today!

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